Medicine Buddha Tsok and Amitabha Tsok

Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Please be informed Ven Lama Lodro will on Monday 30th Nov conduct Medicine Buddha Tsok at 3pm and Amitabha Tsok at 8pm. Both prayers will be broadcast in FB and Skype. The Webinar committee will provide the link later.

These are in addition to the 49 days daily Medicine Buddha prayers.

Please be informed further there will not be any broadcast of Khenpo Chonyi teaching on this coming Monday.

Happy practice.

Medicine Buddha at 3pm:

Amitabha Tsok at 8pm:

Please be informed besides the 2 daily sessions of Medicine Buddha prayers, Lama Lodro also chants the Sutra after both the sessions.

Those who are doing the lights offering at home need to do 49 lights for 24 hours daily.

Those interested to sponsor the prayers and lightings at the centre can click on the following link :

With Amrita

Thrangu Dharma Society