The Torch of Certainty by Jamgon Kongtrul

“The Torch of Certainty by Jamgon Kongtrul”

Teachings by: Ven Choje Lama Wangchuk Topden

Time: 8:30pm (MYT, HKT), 6:15pm (NPT), 5:30am (PDT)
Date: 5th April to 3rd May 2021 (Mondays & Fridays)
Organized by: Thrangu Dharma Society Petaling Jaya

E-book(s) available:
English ed.:
Chinese ed.:

The Torch of Certainty (original translation by Judith Hanson);
The Torch of True Meaning (new translation by Khenpo David Karma Choephel)

1 Day Sodjong Online Retreat on 27th Feb, Saturday

Please be informed the 1 day sodjong online retreat to be conducted by Ven. Lama Lodro is on 27th Feb, Saturday.

The sadhhna will be Medicine Buddha, Sanggye Menla.

The retreat will start at 8am for administration of vow for those who is interested to join the Sodjong at home and or to take vows on that day, the programme is as follows:

Morning session
8am – 9.30am:
Sodjong Vows and Medicine Buddha practice

10am to 11.30am:
Medicine Buddha practice

Afternoon session
2pm – 3.30pm:
Medicine Buddha practice

4pm – 5.30pm:

With Amrita.
Happy and auspicious practice to all.