18th Gan Jong Kagyu Dro Leng Chenmo

*18th Gan Jong Kagyu Dro Leng Chenmo*

The 18th Great Kagyu Conference

13th–24th September, 2021

Convened at Pal Qinghai Thrangu Monastery.

༄།།གངས་ལྗོངས་བཀའ་བརྒྱུད་བགྲོ་གླེང་ཆེན་མོ་ཐེངས་བཅོ་བརྒྱད་པའི་ཆོས་ཚོགས་ཀྱི་མཛད་སྒོ། སྤྱི་ལོ་2021ལོའི་ཟླ་9ཚེས་13–24བར། ཁྲ་འགུ་དགོན་དུ་ཟབ་རྒྱས་ངང་འཚོག་པ།



Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

V.V Thrangu Rinpoche appeals to all Thrangu Centres in the world to help contribute to the event held in Qinhai monastery, China from 13th to 24th Sept, 21. The event is a gathering of 3500 monks and Rinpoches from 39 monasteries.

V.V Thrangu Rinpoche requested each Thrangu Centre to sponsor the conference to cover meals, lodging and ang paus for all the monks for the 11 days programme at the monastery.

I strongly urge all Devotees of TDSPJ to contribute generously for the success of this auspicious event organised by the Kagyu lineage to propagate Dharma.

Kindly submit your generous contributions soonest possible via our link provided here:














Ullambana 20th-22nd Aug 2021

Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

Ullambana 20th-22nd Aug, 2021

Please be informed TDSPJ will be conducting Ullambana prayers to enable Devotees to express Filial Piety and Gratitude to the ancestors and departed love ones. The transference of merits to our ancestors can benefit parents of our 7 previous lives. This can only be achieved through our offerings to the Sanghas. This was advised by Lord Buddha to Mogallana.

The collections for Sanghas Offering will be for sponsorship of meals for a day for all Thrangu Monasteries and Nunnery in India and Nepal in conjunction with the Summer Rain Retreat.

Kindly refer to our poster for the detailed programme.

Kindly click on the sponsorship link to be filled in for submission at your earliest convenience to enable the committee to do the needful.

Sang Puja, Prayers and Offerings to Guan Gong on 2nd August, 2021 Monday at 10am

Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

Guan Gong Puja

(Tibetan:Gya Lha)

Please be informed TDSPJ will be conducting Sang Puja, Prayers and Offerings to Guan Gong on *2nd August, 2021 Monday at 10am* by Rev Lama Lodro together with members of the committee on behalf of all Devotees.

In 2006, V. V Rev Hai Tao of Taiwan visited H.H 17th Karmapa in Dharamsala, India, H.H 17th Karmapa advised descendants of Chinese wherever they are in the world should pray to Guan Gong for protection, to ward off evil, for wealth and loyalty.

Guan Gong in Buddhism is Qielan Zhuen Jie Pusa, Dharma Protector Bodhisattva.

He is the epitome of honesty, loyalty, sincerity and righteousness.

In July 2008, TDSPJ conducted the first Guan Gong Puja in Vajrayana tradition in Malaysia led by V.V Thrangu Rinpoche.

The veneration to Guan Gong in Tibet is peculiar to Karma Kagyu lineage which can be traced back to the time of the 5th Karmapa. Following the advice, TDSPJ constructed the Guan Gong Pavilion at the Centre with a life size statue of Guan Gong imported from China. TDSPJ also fabricated a replica of the Guan Gong sword which is named, “The Green Dragon Seven Stars Crescent Moon Guan Dao” in accordance with historic records in design, height (7.5 ft) and weight (20kg). The consecration of the Guan Gong statue and Pavilion was performed by V.V Lodro Nyima Rinpoche of Thrangu Tashi Choeling Monastery, Qinhai in Jan 2009.

TDSPJ conducts Prayers and Offerings to Guan Gong every successive year on his birthday (24th day of 6th Lunar month). The current economic downturn caused by the covid-19 pandemic and many turbulent events and sufferings encountered in the world call for a greater need to pray to Guan Gong for protection to improve our well-being, particularly our business, health and luck.

Let’s join together on the auspicious day to pray to Guan Gong to invoke his Blessings and protection for all sentient beings.

Kindly submit your name, any family members’ name and if you wish, name of company or business entity for dedication to receive blessings from Guan Gong in the enclosed link.