Ullambana : August 28th-30th, 2023

Ullambana: August 28th-30th, 2023

Dear dharma brothers and sisters,

We want to inform you that TDSPJ will hold Ullambana prayers from August 28th to 30th to show respect and gratitude to our ancestors and departed loved ones. Transferring merits to ancestors can benefit our past seven generations. This practice involves offerings to the Sanghas, as advised by Lord Buddha to Mogallana. Ullambana signifies “Release from Suffering.”

TDSPJ is conducting a 3-day Amitabha Jangchok Puja for the Ullambana Festival. Join us to pray for ancestors, departed family members, and karmic debtors at the following times:

Dates: August 28, 29, & 30 (Monday to Wednesday)
Times: 10am to 11:30am & 3pm to 5pm

According to the Ksitigarbha Sutra, a person isn’t completely gone after death. By invoking the blessings of the Triple Gems, especially through descendants, we can ease their suffering and lead them to a better rebirth or life. Lord Buddha’s advice to Mogallana emphasizes that offering to Sanghas is the most effective way to alleviate suffering.

Ullambana is an opportunity to reflect on those who have loved and supported us, even those we may not know, and offer prayers for their well-being in the afterlife, seeking a positive rebirth. It’s a chance to show compassion to departed loved ones and even those we may have wronged. Ullambana embodies “Release from Suffering,” and in return, these beings will protect and guide us.

TDSPJ looks forward to your participation in the Ullambana program, as it’s a time to honor ancestors and extend our compassion to bring relief to all beings.

President of TDSPJ
Raymond Lau


Guan Gong Puja 10th Aug 2023

Guan Gong Puja
10th Aug 2023

Guan Gong was born on 24th day 6th lunar month, 160 AD in Xieliang (Yunchang), Shanxi.

Guan Gong is commonly known as the Chinese God. He is worshipped as a symbol of honesty and integrity and revered as a sign of trustworthiness. He is the defender of good and fraternal loyalty. He is the God of Wealth. The reverence to Guan Gong is to worship him to follow his example to build wealth based on strength, bravery and courage.

HH 17th Karmapa during a visit by Rev Hai Tao of Taiwan in 2006 advised all Chinese wherever they are to pray to Guan Gong for protection.

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