Triple celebration of Buddha’s Day, Tzu Chi Day and Mother’s Day

Thank you for inviting TDSPJ and Congratulations to Tzu Chi Malaysia on a very well organised and meaningful Triple celebration of Buddha’s Day, Tzu Chi Day and Mother’s Day.

Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation Malaysia invited various Buddhist organisations to attend the Buddha Bathing ceremony on 12th May, 2018 at their venue in Kepong. The entire committee of TDSPJ attended the event. The President and Vice President on behalf of TDSPJ respectively presented to representatives of Tzu Chi a set of books written by our VV Thrangu Rinpoche which were translated to Chinese language and hand made incense from Tara Abbey Nunnery as a gesture of our gratitude and appreciation. Tara Abbey was severely affected by earthquake in 2015 which had caused extensive damage to the buildings. Tzu Chi helped to repair and renovate Tara Abbey Nunnery free of charge. The Nunnery is now fully restored. On behalf of our Guru, TDSPJ would like to record we are forever grateful to Tzu Chi for their selfless efforts to help our Guru in the propagation of the Dharma.

You may watch the video of the event through the link below

Posted by Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia on Saturday, May 12, 2018