Sponsorship Of Monks And Nuns Programme

TDSPJ supports and had undertaken for many years the sponsorship programme for monks and nuns of Thrangu monasteries, both in India and Nepal.

At any point of time, Thrangu monasteries support 763 monks and nuns in these 2 countries. Additionally, every year there is an approximate 25-50 new intake. This causes the increase
of the monastic fraternity at a very fast pace. This puts tremendous strains on the resources of the monasteries.

Every year TDSPJ sources for sponsors to contribute a sum of RM200.00 only yearly for each monk or nun. Sponsors have the options to sponsor a monk or a nun, or more than one, either solely or jointly with friends or relatives. In either case, TDSPJ would assign name or names of the monk or nun to the sponsor with a view for continuity to perpetuate the generosity and compassionate mind. This meritorious deed will earn the daily dedication of prayers from your sponsored monk or nun for your well being and your family. The sponsorship is renewable annually.

The sum Rm200.00 only may be a small amount but would definitely
go a long way for the welfare of the monk or nun.

We look forward to your generosity to help VV Thrangu Rinpoche to fulfil this cause.

Sponsorship of Retreat Monks

Traditionally VV Thrangu Rinpoche selects senior monks to be trained as Lama. Once selected the monks are required to undergo 4 years retreat in seclusion for vigorous and extensive Dharma training at the Retreat Centre at Baktarpur, a place established by VV Thrangu Rinpoche at the outskirts of Kathmandu for that specific purpose.

The monks are hand-picked to ensure the candidate is fit mentally, physically and spiritually to complete the programme successfully. This would ensure time and resources will not be wasted on any unsuitable candidate. The cost for a particular monk to be trained as Lama in the 4 years course is USD 2,400. The sponsors can either contribute a yearly sum of USD 600 or the entire amount at the start of the training.

This sponsorship is very beneficial and would bring immense merits to the sponsors. Rinpoche has once said ” to sponsor a monk to undergo a retreat is as good as yourself going into a retreat”. What more the monk would become a Lama, a teacher, to propagate Dharma and to flourish the Lord Buddha’s teachings.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Centre for further information.

Those who wish to participate in our Sangha sponsorship program please send us an email through our Contact Form.

Thank you.


We greatly appreciate Contribution of any amount for your preferred cause, events, activities or functions organised by our society. Your generosity will help our society to propagate Buddha Dharma for the betterment of our community.

For General Donations
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We look forward to your continuous care and support.