Regular Activities

The centre resident monk is the Venerable Lama Lodro Thaye (Tashila) a Bhutanese. He is the resident monk of the centre since 1989.

The centre conducts regular activities under Lama Lodro guidance: –




 Every Sunday



 Ngondro (4 Foundations Practice)
Full Text



 Green Tara
 Every Wednesday



 Medicine Buddha &
4 Arm Chenrezig
 On the 1st
of the lunar Calendar



 Dharma Generosity
Chanting for the Deceased
 On the 10th
of the lunar Calendar



 Guru Rinpoche
(Kon Chok Chidu)
 On the 15th
of the lunar Calendar



 Every month  One day Retreat

Namo Buddha Retreat

TDSPJ organise yearly retreat to either Vajra Vidya Monastery at Varanasi, India or Tashi Yangtse Monastery, Namo Buddha at Kathmandu, Nepal. The retreat is a novitiate programme under the auspices and blessings of VV Thrangu Rinpoche. Participants who chose to be tonsured are allowed to wear the monk robes. TDSPJ has to date organised 20 consecutive annual retreats in the Namo Buddha series. The retreats are conducted by our resident lama, Lama Lodro Thaye. The VV Thrangu Rinpoche gives transmission and empowerment of the particular Sadhana which is decided the year before by VV Thrangu Rinpoche. The retreats are usually held in November each year.

We look forward to your participation.

Dharma Generosity Chanting Group

The Organising Chairman of the chanting group is Brother John Leong. The purpose of the group is to provide chanting services on a voluntary basis at Wake to help the deceased to reach Amitabha Pureland (Dewachen).

The chanting group conducts once monthly practice at the Centre at 8.00pm on every 1st day of the lunar calendar. The practice is based on the Short Amitabha Text For The Deceased, a direct teaching by Buddha Amitabha to H.H the 5th Karmapa. The Text is known as Nup Chok means Sky Dharma. Volunteers will be taught the chanting of the Text, visualisation, rituals and the various hand mudra.

“To chant for one departed soul to reach Pureland is the investment and security for your own journey to Pureland”

The group currently has 35 volunteers and it is hope that more volunteers will join in the practice. The volunteers are on stand-by as and when there is a request, whether from members of TDSPJ or otherwise, to do chanting at Wake and the group will be mobilised via whatsapps and e-mail. It is hope that we can start our own funds by contribution from sponsors, well wishers or members to defray out of pocket expenses for the volunteers and purchase of peripherals for the conduct of the rituals from time to time.

Person to contact:
Bro. John Leong ( 017-8716993 )