Upcoming Events at TDSPJ

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

Please be informed of the upcoming events at TDSPJ.

1. Khenpo Jigme will be giving a series of teachings on *Nagarjuna Letter to a Friend.* The teachings shall be on 4 sections every Fridays at 8pm commencing tomorrow , 26th April, 3rd May, 10th and 17th May.

2. One day sojourn on 28th April, 6am onward this Sunday. The Saddhana is Guru Rinpoche.
( pre register needed )

3. Release of life in conjunction with Sagadawa day at Pulau Ketam on 12th May.
( pre register needed )

4. Wesak Day Celebrations 19th May.

5. AGM on 26th May. Please verify your membership and be present at the AGM as this is our election year to elect or be elected committee member to serve our Guru.

6. Tulku Damcho Rinpoche visit to Malaysia in July.

Please wait for further and detailed announcements on the respective events.

With Amrita.

Release of Life on 12th May, 2019 at Pulau Ketam

Please be informed TDSPJ shall be conducting Wesak~Release of Life on 12th May, 2019 Sunday in conjunction with Sagadawa day at Pulau Ketam for day trip. Conducted by our Venerable Resident Lama Lodro Thaye & Khenpo Jigme.

Organising Person
Jason Ong 019 336 8678.

The itinerary as follows :
12th May (Sunday):

7.45am gather at TDSPJ
8.00am Sharp ● Short walk out to waiting bus
8.15am ~depart to port klang
9.15am ~Arrival at port klang ferry terminal
9.30am ~Ferry depart for Sg.Lima jetty
10.00am~Arrival Sg.Lima to transfer boat to open sea
10.45am ~Prayers & start release life to sea
11.30am-12.15noon ~To Pulau Ketam for lunch
12.15noon -2.00pm~Lunch
2.15pm-2.30pm~Back to jetty group picture
2.30pm -3.30pm
Back to port klang
3.30pm -4.30pm
Back to TDSPJ
~ End ~

P/pax RM100
1.Bus transport to/from center to port klang, ferry, lunch provided and insured RM50k.

1. Sponsorship of release of fish any amount up to individual

1.We target RM10k worth of fish for release during that day
2.Banking details: Thrangu Dharma Society Petaling Jaya.
Public Bank 319 6656 225. All bank in slip must forward to TDSPJ Treasury line 018 911 1271
3. All participants for the trip Must give full name as per NRIC and handphone no. to Brother Victor Kho WhatsApp no 016 339 9050 to facilitate the registration of insured policy.
4. Participants to the trip limited to 45 pax

Please copy paste your name and phone to facilitate smooth coordination on first come first serve basis.

Teachings on Nagarjuna Letter to a Friend

Please be informed Khenpo Jigme will be conducting teachings on Nagarjuna Letter to a Friend. Nagarjuna was a great Indian Buddhist master in the first century. He wrote the poem as an advice to his friend, a south Indian king, Gautamiputra, on the various methods of practice by different people the royalty, Sanghas and lay people. It covers the entire Mahayana path to achieve liberation and Enlightenment. It is of especial interest for those who wish to have spiritual practice at the same time maintaining their daily life and work. It is intended to convey the whole meaning of Dharma.
The classes will be on Fridays at 8pm at TDSPJ commencing 26th April, 3rd May, 10th May and 17th May.

28 Apr 2019, Guru Rinpoche Sojourn

28 Apr 2019, Guru Rinpoche Sojourn

Please be informed TDSPJ will be conducting Guru Rinpoche Sojourn on 28th April, Sunday. Free of charge for devotees interested in participating one day retreat. Lunch will be provided.

Thrangu Dharma Society