CNY 2022 Programme

Dharma Brothers and Sisters.
Gong Xi Fai Cai.
TDSPJ is pleased to announce our programme for this year’s CNY activities and prayers.
Please use the on line link for details:

We pray you and your family will have a better year ahead in good health and prosperity with limitless Blessings from the Triple Gems. We pray for the soonest ending of the pandemic and uncertainties that have caused tremendous suffering and pain to all sentient beings. Please join us in our prayers for a better year.
Our activities and prayers are online in view of the ongoing pandemic. The zoom link is as follows
Meeting ID:892 2021 5285
Password: tdspj

Kindly refer to our posters and leaflets for details.

We look forward to your participation and your kind and generous contributions to share the merits.

With Amrita.

The Very Venerable 9th Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche 90th Birthday

Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

Please be informed in conjunction with VV Thrangu Rinpoche’s birthday on 13th Dec, TDSPJ will be performing the following Offerings on behalf of Devotees and Sponsors of TDSPJ:-
1. Mandala, Body, speech, Mind offerings;
2. Offering to Rinpoche;
3. Whole day meal offerings to 7 monasteries;
5. Ang pau Offering to 856 Sanghas;
4. Butter lamp Offerings at 7 monasteries;
6. Tsok Offerings to 7 Monasteries;
7. Life Release at Ganges River.

We shall be performing Body, Speech and Mind Offering to VV Thrangu Rinpoche by members of the committee. Ven Lama Lodro will conduct Medicine Buddha retreat for the day. The prayers at Namo Buddha will be streamed live.

Kindly follow our announcement poster for the prayers and activities.

The committee sincerely thank you all for the generous contributions and support to TDSPJ.
We look forward to your participation.

With Amrita


Please be reminded TDSPJ will be having the AGM on Saturday, 23rd Oct at 2.30pm via Zoom.

This is our election year.

I appeal to all members to participate in the AGM to elect members to serve in the committee to ensure the success and continuity of our society.

If any members do not have the zoom link, may email to

I look forward to your participation.

Thrangu Dharma Society