1 day prayers and Sodjong on Chenrezig Enlightenment Day

Dharma Brothers and Sisters. Please be informed TDSPJ will be conducting 1 day prayers and Sodjong on 8th Aug. Saturday on Chenrezig Enlightenment Day. The Sodjong will be performed at home by those participants who intend to take the Sodjong Vows which will be administered by Rev Lama Lodro over YouTube on 8th August. We will announce programme and the rules and Protocols for doing Sodjong at home at a later date.

The OC is Sister Zoe 012 805 0998. Those who intend to take the vows kindly submit your names to the OC. Those who want to perform the prayers and not taking vows need not register your name can follow the streaming of the prayers by Lamala on the day.

Schedule for this coming retreat:-
– Taking Vow
– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

2.00pm – 4.00pm
– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

*Rules for 1 day Sodjong.

– Observe the 8 Precepts
– No food after lunchtime, only drinks no solid food
– vows for 24 hours (7am till next morning sunrise 7am)

Please be Mindful of your conduct that you have taken the Sodjong Vows

With Amrita.

Thrangu Dharma Society