HEAL THE WORLD PUJA at Namo Buddha Stupa December 12

Dear Dharma Brothers & Sisters,

V Ven Thrangu Rinpoche and V Ven Tulku Damcho will be leading Medicine Buddha HEAL THE WORLD PUJA at Namo Buddha Stupa December 12. Please join with Rinpoche’s students world wide (via live FB feed) and the Namo Buddha retreat participants in Medicine Buddha Puja at the very place where the Buddha, in his previous life perfected the paramita of generosity. He gave his body to heal and save others .


最尊贵的创古仁波切和尊贵的在祖古丹珠仁波切将于12月12日在南无布达宝塔前主法药师佛疗护世界大法会。吁请仁波切遍布世界各地的弟子(通过脸书现场直播 )和南无布达药师佛闭关参与者,共同在这佛陀过去世修行无畏布施,最后终于在此聖地因舍身喂虎圆满了六波罗蜜布施。他舍却自己的身体去治愈和拯救别人。

May our combined efforts in dharma follow the Buddha’s example – to heal all types of suffering in samsara, to eliminate physical pain, diseases, inner sickness (of anger, desire, jealousy, greed, ignorance and pride) and bring genuine peace.

In order to increase and share this merit, to dedicate it all sentient beings we invite your participation.

愿我们在佛法中共同努力,以佛陀为榜样–消除轮回所有身体上的痛苦、疾病、内心的疾病 (愤怒、欲望、嫉妒、贪婪、无知和骄傲), 并带来真正的和平。

为了增加和分享此功德, 把它回向给诸有情, 我们邀请大家踊跃参与。

Please join us wherever you are on 12th Dec 2018.
Some suggestions ….
Make aspirations,
chant the mantra,
read the Sadhana
Contemplate Sangye Menla and Rinpoche
Offer candles or incense
Make wishes for loved ones or deceased,
and the world…
On your own or in a group…
Be creative and spread this positive energy.

Please share it with your friends by posting videos and photos in your Fb, Instagram, Wechat or Whatsapp with the hashtag .

作出愿望, 持咒语, 读法本,观想药师佛和仁波切,供养香烛, 为亲人、死者、朋友和世界许愿…..。为自己或一个群体…..。賦予创造性, 并传播这种积极的正能量。

请通过你的 fb、instagram、wechat 或 whatsapp ,发布视频和照片与你的朋友分享hashtag賬号#healtheworld12122018。

May our chanting & good wishes join with the virtues of all beings and lineages
May it resonate around the world on 12 Dec 2018.

Connect with our live Fb page webcast and you will be with us at the NamoBuddha stupa!!

Please share your related plans,
photos and videos of your activities in our FB page so we can inspire one another and offer to Rinpoche and all beings.

愿我们的念诵和祝愿,与所有诸众生和传承紧紧联系在一起, 愿2018年12月12日这一天在全世界引起共鸣。

连接我们的 fb 网络现场直播, 犹如你与我们在南无布达宝塔前同在!! 请在我们的 fb 页面中分享您的相关计划、照片和活动视频, 以便我们能够相互激励, 并供养给仁波切和所有一切众生。

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