1 day prayers and Sodjong on Chenrezig Enlightenment Day

Dharma Brothers and Sisters. Please be informed TDSPJ will be conducting 1 day prayers and Sodjong on 8th Aug. Saturday on Chenrezig Enlightenment Day. The Sodjong will be performed at home by those participants who intend to take the Sodjong Vows which will be administered by Rev Lama Lodro over YouTube on 8th August. We will announce programme and the rules and Protocols for doing Sodjong at home at a later date.

The OC is Sister Zoe 012 805 0998. Those who intend to take the vows kindly submit your names to the OC. Those who want to perform the prayers and not taking vows need not register your name can follow the streaming of the prayers by Lamala on the day.

Schedule for this coming retreat:-
– Taking Vow
– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

2.00pm – 4.00pm
– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

– Cherenzig & Medicine Buddha Sadhana

*Rules for 1 day Sodjong.

– Observe the 8 Precepts
– No food after lunchtime, only drinks no solid food
– vows for 24 hours (7am till next morning sunrise 7am)

Please be Mindful of your conduct that you have taken the Sodjong Vows

With Amrita.

Ven Khenpo David Cheopel and Ven Khenpo Chonyi Rangdrol teachings for Saga Dawa

TDSPJ is pleased to announce Ven Khenpo David Cheopel and Ven Khenpo Chonyi Rangdrol have agreed to continue with their respective teachings for Saga Dawa.

Ven Khenpo David’s teachings on A String of Pearls: A Collection of Dharma Talks by Gampopa will be broadcast consecutively for 5 nights commencing Monday 18th May, to Friday 22nd May at 8pm.

Thereafter, Ven Khenpo Chonyi Rangdrol will be giving teachings via live streaming from Kathmandu on The Jewel Ornament of Liberation By Gampopa for 14 consecutive nights commencing 23rd May to 5th June at 8pm.

Ven Lama Lodro will conduct the Prayers For A Time Of Pandemic after the respective teachings nightly.

A reminder that during the broadcast nights our usual weekly night practices or Guru Rinpoche and Amitabha prayers will be suspended. We apologise for the inconvenience.

With Amrita

Wesak Day 2020 Programmes

Tashi Delek! Happy Wesak Day 2020

This year, Wesak celebrations shall be by virtual e-participation. The detailed programme will be announced from time to time.

The celebrations will commence from 23rd April, 2020 to 7th May, 2020 with Light Offerings, Prayers and Teachings for 2 sessions daily at 8am and 8pm respectively.

*On Wesak Day, 7th May, 2020, at 10am*, the programs as follows:
• Foreword and Blessings by V.V. Thrangu Rinpoche
• Dharma talks by Ven. Lama Lodro
• Light Offerings
• Bathing of the Buddha Ceremony
• Auspicious Prayers
• Taking and Renewal of Vegetarian Vows
• *At 8pm*, Teachings by Guest Speaker and Prayers by Ven. Lama Lodro

1. 15 Days Light Offerings, Prayers and Teachings;
2. Puja Offerings;
3. Sangha Offerings

Donations of any amount are welcome if you wish to contribute to the auspicious and meritorious activities for the 15 days of Light Offerings celebrations. You may also nominate (by name) yourself, your family or your business entity for the blessings.

Lord Buddha taught us that all good deeds and contributions in the Vaisakha month will be multiplied by 100,000. Equally, Lord Buddha cautioned the same outcome for negative deeds.

Please click the link below to register:

With Amrita

Qing Ming Amitabha Jangchuk Prayers for the Deceased

Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

Qing Ming Amitabha Jangchuk Prayers for the Deceased.

TDSPJ shares your concern with the current lockdown (Movement Control Order MCO) caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the anxiety to perform one’s filial piety to our ancestors.

Please be informed TDSPJ will be conducting the Amitabha Jangchuk Puja on *Saturday, 4th April, 2020.* The Puja will be conducted by Ven Lama Lodro from *10am – 12* *noon* at the Centre via Skype. Therefore, personal attendance for the Puja is not needed.

We have created a link for anyone interested to click on to join the Puja on the said date.

We have created another link for Devotees to dedicate the merits of the prayers to their departed loved ones. Kindly click on the e-forms to participate. Please be advised to fill in *ONLY* names of deceased persons in the column for NAME of Deceased (not names of pets or general term of reference like Unborned Babies or Sentient Beings).

You may however fill in as many names of departed loved ones as you wish. The deadline for submission of names will be on 3rd April, 5pm

The list of names will be printed for Prayers by Ven Lama Lodro at the Puja.
Lama will at the conclusion of the prayers make dedication to all victims of Covid 19 in the world.

You may, if you wish, make a donation in any amount to TDSPJ account. However, the donation is strictly without any obligations, as the Committee intends this to be an auspicious and meritorious service for the Devotees and the public.

May the Triple Gems shine forever on you and your family.

With Amrita.


Thrangu Dharma Society