1 Day Sodjong Online Retreat on 27th Feb, Saturday

Please be informed the 1 day sodjong online retreat to be conducted by Ven. Lama Lodro is on 27th Feb, Saturday.

The sadhhna will be Medicine Buddha, Sanggye Menla.

The retreat will start at 8am for administration of vow for those who is interested to join the Sodjong at home and or to take vows on that day, the programme is as follows:

Morning session
8am – 9.30am:
Sodjong Vows and Medicine Buddha practice

10am to 11.30am:
Medicine Buddha practice

Afternoon session
2pm – 3.30pm:
Medicine Buddha practice

4pm – 5.30pm:

With Amrita.
Happy and auspicious practice to all.

Medicine Buddha Tsok and Amitabha Tsok

Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Please be informed Ven Lama Lodro will on Monday 30th Nov conduct Medicine Buddha Tsok at 3pm and Amitabha Tsok at 8pm. Both prayers will be broadcast in FB and Skype. The Webinar committee will provide the link later.

These are in addition to the 49 days daily Medicine Buddha prayers.

Please be informed further there will not be any broadcast of Khenpo Chonyi teaching on this coming Monday.

Happy practice.

Medicine Buddha at 3pm:

Amitabha Tsok at 8pm:

Please be informed besides the 2 daily sessions of Medicine Buddha prayers, Lama Lodro also chants the Sutra after both the sessions.

Those who are doing the lights offering at home need to do 49 lights for 24 hours daily.

Those interested to sponsor the prayers and lightings at the centre can click on the following link :

With Amrita

V.V Thrangu Rinpoche Birthday Celebrations


TDSPJ will be doing live transmission to and from Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, Namo Buddha, prayers conducted by VV Thrangu Rinpoche and the Sanghas on 24/11/20 at 9am (local time) Tuesday. The broadcast will start at Malaysian time 11.15 am to celebrate Rinpoche’s 89th birthday together with the Monastery at Namo Buddha and all Thrangu monasteries and Centres in the world. We shall also be  performing virtual  Body, Speech and Mind Offerings to Rinpoche and cake cutting ceremony simultaneously with Namo Buddha monastery on that day.

Later (depending on what time the morning prayers conclude, we shall have a break for lunch), at 2.30pm (approx) Rev Lama Lodro will lead the Guru Rinpoche prayer at the centre.

This will be followed by Mahakala prayer and Marme Monlam @ light offering in the afternoon.

We are advised by Rinpoche during this pandemic that it would be timely to do Lamp Offering as an accumulation of merits collectively to dispel the darkness of ignorance and to alleviate sufferings for all beings. TDSPJ will conduct 1000  Lamp Offerings to dedicate to the longevity of our beloved Guru, VV Thrangu Rinpoche.

Let us join together with Rinpoche,  the Sanghas, all Thrangu monasteries and Centres in the world on 24/11/20,Tuesday to pray for world peace to alleviate sufferings and to end the pandemic.

Any contributions are welcome.

Please click on the following link:https://forms.gle/e5yJXZoDJag7rc8z6

(The retreat on 24th Nov is cancelled)

Thrangu Dharma Society