Ullambana 20th-22nd Aug 2021

Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

Ullambana 20th-22nd Aug, 2021

Please be informed TDSPJ will be conducting Ullambana prayers to enable Devotees to express Filial Piety and Gratitude to the ancestors and departed love ones. The transference of merits to our ancestors can benefit parents of our 7 previous lives. This can only be achieved through our offerings to the Sanghas. This was advised by Lord Buddha to Mogallana.

The collections for Sanghas Offering will be for sponsorship of meals for a day for all Thrangu Monasteries and Nunnery in India and Nepal in conjunction with the Summer Rain Retreat.

Kindly refer to our poster for the detailed programme.

Kindly click on the sponsorship link to be filled in for submission at your earliest convenience to enable the committee to do the needful.

Thrangu Dharma Society