Heal The World 2.0 – Millions Medicine Buddha Mantra Chanting

Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Please be informed that in conjunction with the very auspicious occasion of Chokhor Duchen, where Lord Buddha gave his first teaching in Varanasi, TDSPJ will be conducting a one day Sodjong retreat and teaching on 14th July, 2021 (Wednesday). The programme for the day is enclosed.

Please be informed Very Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche will be giving live oral transmission of his ‘Concise Prayer of Medicine Buddha’ from Kathmandu on 14th July, at 10am (Malaysian time). This is in conjunction with TDSPJ aspirations to continue with the event *Heal the World* in 2018 at Namo Buddha Stupa led by V.V Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche and V.V Tulku Damcho Rinpoche.

TDSPJ will be launching *Heal The World 2.0 – Millions Medicine Buddha Mantra Chanting* on 14th July, to 12th Dec, 2021. The detailed programme will be announced shortly.

We look forward to your participation to alleviate sufferings caused to all sentient beings during this pandemic.

With Amrita

Thrangu Dharma Society