TDSPJ upcoming exciting activities

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Here’s some upcoming exciting activities by TDSPJ.

Please wait for further announcements respectively.

1. 10th March, Sunday
Day trip to Sky Mirror Beach with Karma Dorje. ( please Whatsapp Sis Jamie at +60 12-378 0378 to register)

2. 24th March, Sunday
One day Sojong monthly retreat. Thousand Eyes Thousand Arms Chenrezig

3. 7th April, Sunday
Ching Ming Akshobhya Prayers Jangchok Puja for Deceased and Ancestors

4. 12th May, Sunday
Release of Life on Lord Budhha birthday

5. 19th May, Sunday
Wesak celebrations

6. 26th May, Sunday
Annual General Meeting (yes this year is election year! )

7. Visit by H.E Tulku Damcho Rinpoche to Malaysia for 3 weeks.

8. Visits by other Khenpos and Lamas to be confirmed later.

The details will be announced later.

With Amrita,
President of TDSPJ

Thrangu Dharma Society