Nyungne Retreat on 9 Sep to 10 Sep 2017

Om Mani Ped Mi Hung.
TDSPJ is pleased to announce Lama Lodro and the visiting Lamas shall be conducting Nyunye retreat at the Centre on 9th – 10th Sept. There shall be NO CHARGES for anyone who wish to participate in the retreat. The Nyunye retreat requires immense devotion, dedication and discipline. The committee expresses utmost respect to the participants. The committee will source for sponsors as it is our motivation to propagate the Dharma. Rinpoche said to sponsor a person to do retreat is like doing the retreat yourself. The Nyunye retreat requires participants to sleep overnight at the Centre on Saturday and Sunday night. In view of the space constraints for sleeping, the committee extends our apologies and have to limit to the first 35 participants. Further, we are looking for volunteers to help in the retreat. I will put up 3 lists after this announcement for participants, Sponsors and Volunteers. For further information, please log in to our website www.thrangumy.com or our official Facebook.

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