Naga Vases

In Vajrayana Buddhism, Nagas are snakes and water dragons that live in ocean and other bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, etc. They are believed to be wisdom holders and also guardians of hidden treasure in the water as well as on land. Offerings made in the form of vases to the Nagas will result in the improvement of fengshui, one’s wealth, fame, health, confidence, increase in merits, peace and the removal of obstacles and sickness. One will have a happy and harmonious family with obedient and intelligent children. One’s Dharma practice will ultimately improve.

Buddha taught one of the methods to appease and to pacify the Nagas, to restore and to ensure good relations with the Nagas is to offer Naga vases. This can be seen in the story of the Great Buddhist Sage Nagarjuna with his interaction with Nagas.

The offering of Naga vases has to be done on an auspicious date and oversee by Rinpoche or Lama who will have to perform a Naga puja accompany such ceremony where the vases are either offered to the Seas, Lakes and Rivers.

Naga vases can also be offered to the earth, where the vases are planted in a vessel accompanying many offerings. The vessel are then sealed and planted in the ground followed by a puja performed by Lamas or Rinpoche.

The planting of a Naga vase within the vicinity of a house or a building is a very auspicious event. It is believed that this will bring good energy to the house and also the surrounding area. The puja will also appease the local deities and all the spirits in the area.

Thrangu Dharma Society Petaling Jaya (“TDSPJ”) has prepared 100 Naga vases for sponsorship in conjunction with Release of Life Programme at Port Klang on 21.10.2017. The contents are carefully and specially selected to make sure that they conform to the strictest requirements needed to prepare such vases. The ingredients of the vases are prepared and consecrated by the Lamas. This project is undertaken by TDSPJ with the aspiration that all Buddhist practitioners who sponsor the Naga vases will soon overcome the 5 poisons with the 5 Wisdoms.


在佛教金刚乘中,龙族泛指居住于海洋,或湖泊和河流等水体中的龙或蛇形瑞兽。龙族传统上亦是佛法伏藏(或称库藏)、地下或水下藏宝的守护者。 若以宝瓶供养龙族将会改善个人居住的风水,增进财富、名望、健康、信心、福慧双修、消除障碍和疾病、促进家庭和睦、孩子聪颖听话。 进而精进个人的佛法修行。

佛陀开示说,供养龙王宝瓶是最好安抚龙族、恢复或确保与龙族和睦共生关系的方法之一。 龙树尊者多次下龙宫和龙王打交道以祈求伏藏的故事已被津津乐道,传为佳话。



将宝瓶埋藏在住宅或建筑物的范围适当的地方是非常殊胜的。 它可以使周遭的气运藏风聚气、改善风水。 同时安抚地方上的神灵起护佑居者的作用。

八打灵再也创古佛教学会为10月21日的在巴生港口举办的放生暨供养龙王的活动,特别制做了100个白色瓷宝瓶善信赞助。 宝瓶完全依照传承的方法和规定,严谨挑选装藏品密封瓶内而制造,并以金刚乘仪轨开光加持。 创古佛教学会祈愿通过供养宝瓶,行者可以达到去五毒转为五智的功德。

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