Naga Vase Offering on 21 Oct 2017

Dear ALL,

I am pleased to announce the Naga vase Offering to the sea has never been done before in the history of TDSPJ. We are now doing the rituals for the first time. It is indeed an auspicious and very meritorious event. Those who have signed up to take part do not waste this opportunity of immense blessings from the Nagas both to you and your family. Do not let any obstacles especially the requirements of Mahayana vegetarian deter you from participating. Furthermore, it’s another social event to foster better understanding and relationships with your Dharma brothers. We experienced tremendous joy in our last trip to Cameron with our brothers and sisters from Seremban. Another milestone for this programme, is that, for the first time we are conducting an event together with the 3 Thrangu centres in peninsula Malaysia. This shows our unity and brotherhood (and of course, sisterhood) in the propagation of the Dharma in our Guru’s image and name. The greatest joy to our Guru is for him to see his disciples taking part in Dharma activities.

Yours in Dharma,
John Leong
President TDSPJ

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