20th Namo Buddha Retreat – Thousand Arms Thousand Eyes Chenrezig Nyungne Retreat

We are pleased to announce this year 20th Namo Buddha Retreat will be at Thrangu Tashi Yangtze Monastery, Namo Buddha, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Sadhana is Thousand Arms Thousand Eyes Chenrezig Nyung Ne retreat. The retreat dates are 21th-26th Nov, 2017. Please be informed further H.E Thrangu Rinpoche birthday is on 28/11/17. The organising committee plans to depart for Kathmandu on 18/11/17 (Saturday) and return on 2/12/17 (Saturday). Flight arrangements will be announced later. We endeavour to block book seats for the entourage as a single united unit. This would also make planning for logistics easier. Further, it is customary that the organising committee will additionally plan pilgrimages to holy sites in and around Kathmandu.   Any queries please refer to Bro Richard Lau 012-2119981 or Bro John Leong 0178716993.

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