Announcement on weekly practice

Dear All.
Please be informed the regular weekly practices and prayers at the Centre are to proceed in the absence of Lama Lodro who shall be back in mid Dec. The person in charge appointed by the committee will be at the Centre to open the doors. Unless prior announcement is made please come to the Centre for your regular practices no matter whosoever turn up. However, please note the Dharma Generosity Chanting practice on the 18th Nov is cancelled.

With Amrita


Dear all,

Please be informed that Lama Lodro will be going to Kathmandu from 2nd Nov to 7th Dec 2017. Further, most of the committee members will also be away in Kathmandu for Namo Buddha retreat and Rinpoche’s birthday.

Kindly check with our website or Facebook to get updates on our activities. In the event of any urgent business or updates, kindly contact the following committee members:

1. Howard Chiam 012-398 5617
2. Jamie Lee 012-378 0378
3. Pearly Gan 012-388 5878
4. Jason Ong 019-336 8678
5. Kathy Ong 012-586 8776

We regret any inconveniences caused thereby.

Thank you note – Naga vase offering & release of life

Dear All,

A big thank you to all the members from the 3 Centres who participated in the inaugural event together for the Release of Life and Naga Vases Offering at Port Klang. It was truly a meaningful get together, above all, we could see everyone had a fabulous time and many happy faces. Particularly, we performed very meaningful and meritorious acts in the propagation of Dharma. I could feel the joy in our Guru, H.E Thrangu Rinpoche.
I must also acknowledge all those who have assisted in the preparation and planning. The committee of TDSPJ especially Pearly the Treasurer and Richard Lau, the Organising Chairman, worked tirelessly and meticulously. I must mention Mrs. Lo from Ipoh Centre and Jennifer Chuah both of whom went extra miles to secure the supply and deliveries of the vases. Above all, Lama Lodro who single handedly sourced for the materials, filled and consecrated the vases to make the event possible. If I have left out anyone, I must apologise due to failing memory and not intention.
Last but not least my heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors that spread as far as Canada to Yangon.

With Amrita,
John Leong
President TDSPJ

Naga Vase Offering on 21 Oct 2017

Dear ALL,

I am pleased to announce the Naga vase Offering to the sea has never been done before in the history of TDSPJ. We are now doing the rituals for the first time. It is indeed an auspicious and very meritorious event. Those who have signed up to take part do not waste this opportunity of immense blessings from the Nagas both to you and your family. Do not let any obstacles especially the requirements of Mahayana vegetarian deter you from participating. Furthermore, it’s another social event to foster better understanding and relationships with your Dharma brothers. We experienced tremendous joy in our last trip to Cameron with our brothers and sisters from Seremban. Another milestone for this programme, is that, for the first time we are conducting an event together with the 3 Thrangu centres in peninsula Malaysia. This shows our unity and brotherhood (and of course, sisterhood) in the propagation of the Dharma in our Guru’s image and name. The greatest joy to our Guru is for him to see his disciples taking part in Dharma activities.

Yours in Dharma,
John Leong
President TDSPJ


Please be informed TDSPJ will be making our very own customised ang pow packets. We estimate to receive the deliveries by end Oct so that we can present them to VV Thrangu Rinpoche for his long life prayers in November. The design and quality of the ang pow packets are assured to be of the finest.The committee planned and designed it 3 months ago.
Further, we shall be inviting a Khenpo and assistants (2-3) from VV Thrangu Rinpoche monasteries to assist and to conduct our CNY prayers and programmes at our Centre. We will make the detailed announcement later.
Additionally, we are in the process of upgrading and revamp our official website which is interactive and includes handphone user friendly features.

Please visit our website for further information in due course.